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MIT’s Dr. Ed Boyden kicks off the WALS season

‘Digital Summit’ Explores New Ways to Communicate Health, Science

Here’s looking at you, alpha geeks. We’re counting on you to help us tell the stories of science and medicine in the years ahead. That’s what one keynote speaker, HHS Chief Technology Officer Susannah Fox...Read more

Dr. Kenneth Cooke gives Great Teachers lecture.

Zebrafish Offer View of TB Pathogenesis

In addition to killing more than 1.5 million people a year globally—according to 2013 data...Read more

NEI’s Dr. Rachel Bishop and Dr. Allen Eghrari of Johns Hopkins are shown with state-of-the-art
diagnostic equipment used for PREVAIL III.

Women of Color Featured as WALS Speakers

Five outstanding women join the 2015- 2016 Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series roster...Read more



Strands of tubulin, a protein in the cell’s skeleton, photographed using a high-resolution microscopy technique that won the 2014 Nobel Prize in chemistry.


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Ski Club Visits Africa, Doesn’t Ski

Despite its title, the NIH Ski Club feels no obligation to actually ski on its ventures abroad. Recently, the club spent more than 3 weeks touring Africa. Top left, Carol Yee, a research biologist who worked at NIH from 1966 to 2011 before retiring from NCI’s Dermatology Branch, takes part in a program called Walk with the Lions, in Zimbabwe; participants walk lions to their watering hole.

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Developing mouse nerve cells have a nucleus (yellow) surrounded by a cell body, with long extensions called axons and thin branching structures called dendrites.