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January 20, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 2

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Pittman Lecture Explores Human Molecular Genetics, Jan. 28

FDA's McClellan To Inaugurate NCI Seminar Series, Feb. 2

ORWH Offers Overview of Women and Alcohol

NIH Management Intern Program Marks 47th Year

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The NIH Record

Ensuring 'Flexibility and Foresight'
Ruiz Bravo Enjoys Role as Deputy Director for Extramural Research

By Carla Garnett

Dr. Norka Ruiz Bravo
When NIH needed a new deputy director for extramural research, ads for the job could have read: "Wanted: Experienced scientist able to make tough decisions about research management look simple, make complex research policy manageable, make the jump from outside NIH to NIH insider (or in some other way be able to view both sides of issues), make all sides involved — fellow scientists, the boss, the press, the public — feel that decisions were arrived at fairly, and still make the work meaningful."
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Vaccine Trials, Triumphs Reviewed at Seminar

By Rich McManus

The original title of the STEP committee's Dec. 2 presentation on vaccines was subtitled, "Friend or Foe?" but when it came time for the actual event, the more optimistic, if indefinite, title "Changing Perspectives" was adopted. That's because one needn't have sat through more than half the morning-long presentations to have gleaned that vaccines, viewed historically as a whole, are not only stratospherically more beneficial than they are harmful, but also new ones, including those for such deadly viruses as HIV and Ebola, are on the launchpad and being readied for presentation to a world desperately in need of them.
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