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NIH Welcomes New NIH, Presidential Management Interns

NIH recently welcomed seven new presidential management interns (PMIs) and five new NIH management interns (MIs).

Both programs are celebrating anniversaries this year. The Management Intern Program is celebrating 40 successful years and has graduated more than 300 interns since its inception in 1957. The PMI program--open only to graduate degree recipients--is celebrating 20 years and has graduated 44 interns. Many of the interns have remained with NIH and have gone on to successful, high level managerial positions.

New Interns
Twelve new interns recently joined NIH. They are (top row, from l) Zoe Beckerman, Edwin Echegoyen, Cheryl Contreras, Cassie Yang, Tony Moore. In second row are (from l) Ana Velez, Dianne Needham, Linda Lambert, Keith Van Wagner. At bottom are (from l) Gina Capra, Baldwin Wong and Kelli Carrington.

Two former interns recently shared their thoughts about the program. Chris Wisdom, executive officer at the Center for Scientific Review, says, "One of the most valuable things I learned during the program was to continually push myself a little&emdash;or even a lot--beyond my comfort zone, to not be afraid to fail." Notes Wendy Liffers, deputy associate director for management and operations, NIAID, "The PMI program was clearly the seminal experience in my NIH career. My internship at NIAID was the catalyst that led to many challenging job opportunities and experiences on which I continue to build."

Both programs use entry-level career development training designed for outstanding men and women who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, a career in public service. Both programs use rotational assignments to introduce interns to potential administrative career tracks, i.e., grants and contract management, general administration, human resources management, budget, legislation and program/management analysis.

The MI program is administered by the administrative training committee, which is composed of top management officials. This year's program will open on Feb. 2 and close Mar. 2.

More information regarding the program may be obtained by calling the Division of Career Resources at 496-2403.

Detailed program information will be provided at the information sessions listed below. Local applicants are urged to attend one of the information sessions before completing their application.

1998 NIH Management Intern Information Session Schedule

All sessions are held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Date Location
Jan. 29 31/Conf. Rm. 8
Jan. 30 EPN/Conf. Rm. H
Feb. 3 Rockledge II/Rm. 9116
Feb. 4 Parklawn/Conf. Rm. C
Feb. 9 10/2C116
Feb. 10 Natcher/Conf. Rm. E1&2

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