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Injured on the Job?

Do you have a work-related upper extremity problem or injury, i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or repetitive strain injury of the fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulder? USUHS is conducting a study that includes a $40 payment. Volunteers must be ages 20-60, seen by a physician within the past month and currently working. Call (301) 295-9659.

Calling All Stressed Outs

The anxiety and stress laboratory at USUHS seeks paid volunteers for participation in a study of anxiety and stress in everyday life. If you consider yourself a generally "anxious" or "stressed out" person (without a history of treatment) and are interested in learning about or reducing symptoms, you may be eligible. Volunteers will be paid $40 for completion of the study. For more information, call Darin Lerew, (301) 295-9665.

Treatment for Panic Attacks

People currently experiencing spontaneous panic attacks and/or significant social anxiety may be eligible for a collaborative NIMH/USUHS treatment outcome study evaluating nondrug treatments for panic and anxiety. For more information call Audrey Kowmas at USUHS, (301) 295-3651.

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