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Study Subjects Sought

Do You Get the Winter Blues?

The NIMH Clinical Psychobiology Branch is seeking men and women ages 18-65 who experience symptoms of winter-related depression to participate in a study of how light therapy affects the brain to reduce symptoms. For more information call 6-0500.

Healthy Volunteers Sought

The NIMH Clinical Psychobiology Branch seeks healthy male and female volunteers ages 18-65 for a study of the effects of light therapy on brain activity. Volunteers must be free of medical and psychological disorders and not taking any medications. Payment is provided. For more information call Kim Katz, 6-0500.

Study Needs Mothers

Argentine-American or Japanese-American mothers with a healthy first-born infant no older than 5 months are needed for a study of social and cognitive development in infancy. Participation involves two brief visits to mother and baby in the home. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen. For more information call Debby Clay at NICHD, 6-6832.

Sleepers Needed for Study

The Clinical Psychobiology Branch, NIMH, is recruiting male and female healthy volunteers, 18-30, who are habitual long sleepers (more than 9 hours a night) or short sleepers (less than 6 hours). Volunteers should have no history of mental illness, be free of sleep disturbances, and not on any medications, including over-the-counter medications and birth control. Participants will spend 5 consecutive nights on an NIMH research unit. From Monday night until Friday afternoon, participants will remain on the unit around the clock. The study does not involve taking any medications. Contact Holly Giesen, 6-6981, or send email to

Overweight Kids, Parents Needed

Healthy overweight children and normal weight children with two overweight parents are needed for an NICHD study investigating body composition and the causes of overweight: African American and Caucasian boys and girls, ages 6-10. There will be two visits, one during the day and one overnight. Participants receive a thorough evaluation for medical causes of overweight including a physical exam, blood tests, metabolism tests, and x-rays. This is not a treatment study. Participants will be paid. Call 6-4168 for more information.

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