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New Ways To Enter the Campus Debut

The fence surrounding the NIH campus is nearing completion. Once finished, it will include eight vehicle/pedestrian access gates and nine stand-alone pedestrian access gates.

All of the vehicle access gates will have a security guard presence, and pedestrian access will be available during business hours. The other nine pedestrian access gates stand alone, that is, they do not require a security guard. "Once the fence is completed and the gates are in operation, we can rely more on electronic access security systems rather than having a guard present at each post," said Arturo Giron, associate director, security and emergency response.

This pedestrian portal near the Children's Inn shows the double-gating that will require two waves of an employee's ID card.

"The pedestrian access gates, or portals, will be equipped with an electronic security system allowing all NIH employees entry just by waving their NIH ID badge in front of a card reader," Giron said.

For added security, the pedestrian-only portals were designed such that once employees wave their ID in front of the reader, they open the gate to an entryway where they wave their ID card in front of another reader and then enter campus. "This additional security measure will prevent any 'piggybacking' and help ensure only those who are authorized gain entry," said David Chung of the Division of Physical Security Management.

The electronic systems for the pedestrian entrances will be fully operational by spring. Until then, employees will be able to open the gate manually to enter and exit the campus.

For more information on the perimeter fence and its access gates, contact Chung at (301) 496-6893.

Pedestrian-Only Entrances

On Cedar Lane:
West Drive
Garden Drive

On Old Georgetown Road:
South Drive
Northeast corner between Center Drive and Cedar Lane
Lincoln Drive (Just south of)

South End of Campus:
Near Bldg. 14 Trailers
Between 41 lots and MLP-7

Rockville Pike:
Two entrances, one on each side of the planned Visitor's Center near the South Drive entrance (Metro)

Vehicle and Pedestrian Entrances

On Old Georgetown Road:
South Drive
Lincoln Drive (vehicle exit only)
Center Drive

On Cedar Lane:
West Drive
(Patient/Patient Visitor vehicles only. Open to employees for pedestrian access.)

On Rockville Pike:
North Drive
Wilson Drive
South Drive
Center Drive

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