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NIDDK Bestows EEO Awards

NIDDK initiated Equal Employment Opportunity Special Achievement Awards in 2002. Institute director Dr. Allen Spiegel presented plaques and award certificates to two individuals and a committee of eight at a recent gathering of senior staff. A reception celebrating their achievements followed. The awards recognize staff who have demonstrated a commitment to furthering equal employment opportunity at NIH and in non-partisan community activities.

Individual honorees were Susan Harrelson, administrative officer in NIDDK's intramural division and Dr. Anne Sumner, an intramural researcher. Harrelson was recognized for her "exceptional leadership and commitment to fostering teamwork," for mentoring others and for creating "an outstanding environment in the Administrative Management Branch." Sumner was cited for her "dedication to equal opportunity for all," and for providing an example to others who want to pursue a biomedical research career.

Dr. Allen Spiegel (l), NIDDK director, congratulates NIDDK staff and others for their contributions to equal employment opportunity in 2002. They are (from l) Ludlow McKay (HRSA), Dr. Frank A. Hamilton, Jackie Dobson, Walter Jones (Clinical Center) and Dr. Anne Sumner.

The NIH-National Medical Association partnership committee was honored for "five years of outstanding commitment to improve the training of under-represented physicians in biomedical research," and for establishing a partnership between NIH and the professional association of African-American physicians. Members of the committee are Dr. Lawrence Agodoa, Jackie Dobson, Dr. Frank A. Hamilton, Karen Howard and Rose Pruitt of NIDDK, and Walter Jones, Clinical Center; Ludlow McKay, Health Resources and Services Administration; and Dr. Charles A. Wells, NIEHS.

"Those who actively promote equal opportunity within NIDDK and in the larger community deserve recognition. Their contributions strengthen our workforce, enrich our work environment and enhance our effectiveness," said Rebecca Tudisco, NIDDK EEO manager. NIDDK's Syd Carter, Jackie Dobson, Robert Hammond and Renetta Turner developed the awards. NIDDK awardees are eligible for the NIH EEO Award of the Year, presented annually by the NIH director.

Also recognized for their EEO efforts were (from l) Dr. Charles A. Wells (NIEHS), Karen Howard, Susan Harrelson and Rose Pruitt.

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