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Training Plan Redeveloped for Extramural Administrators

A training program for all staff serving as extramural scientist administrators (ESA) has recently been redeveloped. ESA training consists of coursework for those who have been performing ESA duties for less than 2 years, and continuing education activities (a minimum of two per year) for those who are more experienced. All staff performing extramural scientist administrator duties are expected to participate in one or both aspects of the program. In addition, a program of advanced instruction in NIH extramural activities will be available to a limited number of extramural administrators. Finally, a mentored leadership program open to ESAs and contract and grants management staff is being established.

The program includes:

  • Orientation to NIH Extramural Activities — The Office of Extramural Programs offers this course in February. It provides a broad introduction to NIH extramural activities for employees at all grade levels who are new to the NIH extramural community. This course is required of all new ESAs.

  • Core Curriculum Training — Completes the orientation course with half-day sessions on Tuesdays in February. Experienced staff members, including ESAs, grants management, contracts management and support staff, are also invited to attend to broaden their knowledge and refresh their skills. The objective is to provide a more in-depth foundation for the performance of ESA duties with an opportunity to discuss aspects of more complex issues that must be considered in managing extramural program or review activities. Outlines of this year's core curriculum may be viewed online at

  • Continuing Education — Individuals who perform ESA activities are required to participate in the Continuing Education Program in order to maintain a current knowledge of extramural policies and procedures. Each year, ESAs will be expected to participate in a minimum of two training activities, either special issues training offered by the Office of Extramural Programs, attendance at a creditable STEP forum or module and/or other training offered by their institute or center, or by the NIH Human Resource Development Division.

  • ESA Seminar Series — Annually, the Extramural Staff Training Office has offered, on a limited and competitive enrollment basis, a series of weekly seminars on Fridays. The series is designed primarily for ESAs with 2 or more years of experience. Because of the current backlog of applicants, the course will be shortened to 4 months and offered twice a year, beginning in September 2001. The series will be held from September to January and repeated from February to June. Announcement of the series is made in the spring with dates and details for applying.

  • Mentoring for NIH Leadership Development — This program is for extramural staff with 5 or more years of experience. Grants management and contracts management staff will be included with ESAs for this program. Participants must have a strong desire and demonstrated potential to become a leader at NIH. Selection will be based on supervisory recommendation and examination by OEP staff of the applicant's CV and a written statement by the applicant. Completion of all other required ESA training is mandatory.

For more information, contact extramural staff training officer Dr. Chuck Selden on 435-8685.

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