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Calling Computer Users

Do you work in an office environment full time? Do you work on a computer at least 4 hours a day? Are you between 20 and 67 years of age? If you answered yes, you are needed for a research survey study about computers, work and health. Volunteers with symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling in their fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders and/or neck and volunteers without any symptoms are needed for the study. You will be asked to complete 1-3 surveys online; questions are related to work and health. Participants will be compensated. For more information, go to or call Stacey at (202) 687-2392.

Are You Overweight?

The Uniformed Services University weight management program is looking for healthy nonsmoking women ages 18-55 to participate in a weight management program as part of a research study examining factors affecting weight maintenance. The program meets weekly for 3 months with followup extending to 2 years. If interested, call Elena Fichera at (301) 295-9664.

Adults Needed for Study

College-educated, middle-aged adults are needed for a 2-day outpatient study at NIMH. Involves blood draw and routine clinical, neurological and cognitive procedures. A stipend is available. Inquire at 435-8970.

Postpartum Depression Study

The Behavioral Endocrinology Branch, NIMH, is seeking female volunteer mothers ages 18-40 who: have had one or more past episodes of postpartum depression following a full-term pregnancy, have no current symptoms of depression, must be 6 months post-delivery and not lactating, must be medically healthy and medication-free. Volunteers may be asked to participate in a 6-month protocol investigating the effects of ovarian and stress hormones on brain and behavior. Payment is provided for those who complete the study. For more information call Linda Simpson-St. Clair, 496-9576.

Volunteers Needed for Diabetes Study

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting persons with non-insulin dependent diabetes for a 2-day outpatient study. Volunteers should be otherwise healthy. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

Hypertension Study Needs Vols

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting patients with high blood pressure for a 3-day outpatient study. Volunteers should not have any other medical problems and should not have a cholesterol higher than 200 mg/dL. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

Female Smokers Needed

Female volunteers ages 18 to 23 who smoke a minimum of one cigarette per day are needed to participate in a study being conducted at American University. You will be asked to complete 5 questionnaires and be weighed on a scale. The study lasts approximately 30-40 minutes and your name will be entered in a drawing to win two $50 prizes. If interested call (240) 994-0268.

Female Control Subjects Needed

Do you work at a computer at least 4 hours per day? Are you a female between the ages of 21 and 50 who is currently working full or part time? If so, you are invited to participate in a research study of job stress and computer use. The study includes a $100 payment. For more information, call (301) 295-3672.

Overweight Children and Teens

Parents: Overweight children and teens are at risk for developing serious medical problems. Consider enrolling your overweight child age 6-17 in one of two new NICHD studies to test potential weight-loss medicine. No charge. Call for more information: 1-800-411-1222.

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