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NIH Computer Center Expands, Absorbs Parklawn Facility

The NIH Computer Center, chosen by DHHS as a major federal data center, has begun absorbing the staff and workload of the Program Support Center's Information Technology Service, formerly known as the Parklawn Computer Center. The data center consolidation responds to an Office of Management and Budget directive following the National Performance Review's recommendation to consolidate and modernize federal data centers.

"We're committed to delivering quality service to our new and old customers throughout this period of transition," said DCRT's Perry Plexico, who oversees the Computer Center and the consolidation process. "Customers will see no increase in costs or change in the operating environment of the Computer Center. In fact, we expect that the consolidation, together with facility upgrades, will increase efficiency and produce lower rates for customers in the future."

DCRT will be replacing its mainframe computers with large, scalable servers that can comfortably handle the increased workload. New technologies such as MVS OpenEdition, Unix-based open systems, client/server capabilities, and World Wide Web facilities will also be introduced this year. By next September, when the merger of the two centers is complete according to the DHHS timetable, "services should equal or exceed current commitments," Plexico predicts. "We're taking every advantage of this consolidation to find ways to improve service."

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