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NIH Record Awardees

Finnegan Honored in Italy

Dr. Loretta Finnegan, medical advisor to the director, Office of Research on Women's Health, recently was the keynote speaker and received the first Paolo Picchio Award at the Third National Conference on Methadone Maintenance and other Substitution Therapies held in Pietrasanta, Italy. Finnegan spoke on the topic of "Drug Dependence in Women with Special Emphasis on Childbearing Women." The award was named after Paolo Picchio, who the city of Pietrasanta honored since he was the first drug addicted individual who came, in the 1970's, to this 14th century walled city from Genoa to seek help for his addiction. The scroll accompanying the award stated, "Paolo Picchio taught us everything we needed to know about drug addicted individuals...We have never expected to eliminate drugs altogether, however, if we are to help people to live better, if our community has learned to face and live with this problem and if it is true that our approach is a valid one, we owe a great deal to Paolo Picchio." The award called Finnegan "an extraordinary researcher over the past several decades, with tremendous compassion for addicted individuals, and who has always been willing to share her knowledge with Italian scientists and clinicians."

NCMA Awards 1999-2000 Scholarships

The National Contract Management Association's Bethesda/Medical chapter recently presented its 1999-2000 scholarship awards. On hand at the presentation were (from l) Cheryl Jennings of NHLBI, scholarship chair; Deloris Agee, an HHS contract specialist who won $300 to continue business management studies; Ivan Hernandez of NIAID, who also won $300 toward graduate studies in contracts management; Marsha Gorham of NCI, who won $400 toward her bachelor's degree in business administration; and Suzi Winter of NCI, scholarship chair elect.

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