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Injured on the Job?

Do you have a work-related upper extremity problem or injury, i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or repetitive strain injury of the fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulder? USUHS is conducting a study that includes a $40 payment. Volunteers must be ages 20-60, seen by a physician within the past month and currently working. Call (301) 295-9659.

Female Volunteers Needed

The Behavioral Endocrinology Branch, NIMH, is seeking female volunteers ages 18-45 to participate in a 5-month study of the effects of reproductive hormones on brain and behavior. Volunteers must have regular menstrual cycles with no changes in mood in relationship to menses, be free of medical illnesses and not taking any hormones or medication on a regular basis. They will complete daily rating forms and be asked to participate in one of several protocols. Payment will be in accordance with the duration of each visit and the type of protocol. For more information, call Linda Simpson-St. Clair, 496-9576.

Healthy Normal Volunteers Needed

The cognitive neuroscience section, NINDS, seeks healthy volunteers ages 30-100 to participate in research on how memory changes across the lifespan. Participation requires 3-4 hours and participants will be paid $40 to $50, depending on time involved. For more information call 402-0060 and ask for the lifespan study.

Attention Studies Need Volunteers

NIMH is looking for volunteers to participate in neuroimaging and cognitive studies of visual attention. Subjects must be ages 20-40, and have at least 12 years (high school) of education. Sought are both left- and right-handed individuals. Subjects should expect to spend 1-3 hours per experiment and will be paid accordingly. Call 402-0416 and ask to speak with Jennifer or Elizabeth, or call 496-6831 and ask to speak with Jill or Liz.

Long, Short Sleepers Needed

The Clinical Psychobiology Branch, NIMH, is looking for volunteers ages 18-31 who either routinely sleep 9 or more hours, or 6 or fewer hours. Volunteers must have no sleep disturbances or insomnia, plus no history of mental illness. Volunteers must be in good general health and not taking any medications or birth control pills. The study requires living on the NIH research unit in Bethesda for 4 consecutive days. For more information call 496-6981.

Free Wisdom Teeth Removal

NIDR is seeking volunteers in need of wisdom teeth removal (third molars) to participate in clinical studies evaluating new pain medicines. Patients will have their wisdom teeth removed by a board-certified oral surgeon using standard drugs for local anesthesia and sedation. After surgery they will receive a new drug and tell how well it works in comparison to a standard pain medicine. All studies have been approved by the NIH institutional review board as being safe and appropriate for young healthy adults (usually ages 18 and up) in need of the removal of impacted third molars. For more information call 496-4891.

Are You Overweight?

The Uniformed Services University Weight Management Program is looking for healthy nonsmoking women, ages 18-55, to participate in a weight management program as part of a study examining factors affecting weight maintenance. The program meets weekly for 3 months with follow-up extending to a year. If interested call Dr. Tracy Sbrocco, (301) 295-9664.

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