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Video Preserves Memory of Burned School

A Virginia public elementary school that had been the setting of an NIMH video news release was tragically lost to fire last fall, but the institute recently presented a copy of film highlights to the school as a memento.

The National Institute of Mental Health filmed a video news release to accompany last summer's launch of the Child Mental Health Foundations and Agencies Network (FAN) study, a report on the social and emotional readiness of children entering primary school.

The FAN study revealed that the social and emotional skills of children entering kindergarten are as important for academic success as cognitive skills such as knowing the ABC's and 1-2-3's. Furthermore, social and emotional school readiness is critical for young children's early school success and may even set the stage for success later in life.

With the cooperation of the faculty and students at Dogwood Elementary School in Reston, Va., NIMH was able to produce a video news release package that ran on 35 television stations and garnered millions of viewers across the nation.

Unfortunately, Dogwood Elementary was destroyed by fire this past November. There were no injuries or loss of life; however, more than 500 students and faculty were displaced, and the community of Reston was affected emotionally and financially. In support of the students and staff, and as a token of appreciation, NIMH produced a special video from last August's taping to preserve memories of Dogwood for years to come. The NIMH Office of Communications and Public Liaison recently presented Dogwood Elementary principal Ricki Harvey with the memento video.

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