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CIT's Spring Semester Offers New Courses

CIT's Computer Training Program begins its spring semester by offering a record number of classes. Among the 120 courses scheduled now through May are 18 entirely new classes.

In the area of personal computing, CIT presents Windows 2000 Professional, for users upgrading from NT Workstation or Windows 98, and VMWARE, which allows multiple operating systems to run on the same computer. For those concerned with security, Keeping PC Data Secure is a class that reviews options for protecting your computer and Using Secure Email in the Exchange Messaging Environment will do the same for email.

Linux Installation and Configuration Tips and Tricks covers basic information on configuring this operating system, which has generated much attention in the NIH community. Unix users who need to move towards basic administration might consider Unix Systems Administration Concepts, which covers some of the basic tasks involved.

Looking Ahead to the Standard System provides users of MVS with information about issues and changes involved in consolidating the North and South MVS systems while Beyond WYLBUR looks at tools and techniques for handling WYLBUR applications and data in the future under the MVS OS/390 Standard System.

Advanced Internet developers can look forward to two new classes: XML Overviewlooks at XML in its capacity as a current and future technology and the Flash Workshop provides hands-on experience developing animations using FLASH4.

If you are involved in human resources, there are a number of new options. NIH Data Warehouse Analyze: Human Resources allows users to analyze data and gain insight into demographic and personnel actions activities and the CRIMS — Recruitment System class will assist those involved in the federal recruitment process. NIH Contract Performance System Update covers changes in that system.

For scientists looking for tools to make their work and presentations easier there are two classes available: MEDx - Unix-Based Medical Image Data Analysis, a series of 10 tutorials in a software package used to visualize and analyze 2-D and 3-D medical image data and Color Control for Scientific Images, which focuses on maintaining color consistency when printing scientific images.

CIT also offers the Training Self-Study Program, which provides a wide variety of computer-related textbooks for study outside of the classroom.

For details about the CIT training program, visit the web site at; call 594-6248 to order a copy of the brochure NIH Computer Training; or pick up a brochure at Bldg. 12A, Rm. 1011. Students may register online at the above web site, or submit the brochure's printed form via fax (402-7349) or mail to the address above. All classes are available at no cost to employees of NIH and other users of CIT systems.

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