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NIH Computer Training Begins Third Decade

As the 1998 spring semester begins, the NIH computer training program celebrates its 30th anniversary by offering a wider range of classes than ever before. "For 30 years the program has offered cost-free courses designed to help people use their computers effectively," says Leslie Barden, chief of the training program. "This semester we've expanded the program to include 25 new classes on a variety of topics."

Leslie Barden, chief of the NIH computer training program.

Eight new Web-related classes cover: HTML Tips; HTML Editors; Advanced HTML Tips and Tricks; Seeking Information on the Web; Netscape Communicator 4.0; New Features of Internet Explorer 4.0; VBScript for Interactive Web Design; Using FileMaker Pro 4.0 on the Web.

Last term's expanded Windows curriculum was so popular that courses have been added for PC users: Windows 95 Registry; Eudora Pro for the PC at NIH; Learning Programming with QBasic.

Presentations for scientists offer guidance in: Creating Composite Images with Photoshop; Designing Effective Scientific Slides; Introduction to Multimedia in Scientific Presentation; Creating Animated Web Presentations with PowerPoint -- Advanced; Drawing Three-Dimensional Objects with Mathematica.

Another new course, "Numerical Optimization," emphasizes nonlinear programming and covers the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions for constrained problems.

For Unix users, the program continues to offer ALW (Advanced Laboratory Workstation) classes on several different levels including molecular modeling, DNA sequencing, statistical analysis, and desktop publishing, as well as basic C language and Unix courses.

The NIH Data Warehouse has added several new classes introducing recent software covering travel, workshop, and personnel costs (human resources). In addition, watch for new mini training sessions in travel and personnel.

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the volunteer teachers over the years who've taken the time to develop and teach courses in their areas of expertise," says Barden. "These volunteers keep the NIH computer training program at the forefront of new technologies."

Computer training announcements are listed in the NIH Calendar of Events at Students may easily register for classes and check the status of their registration at

Classes are available without charge to all NIH staff and registered users of DCRT systems. For advice on selecting classes, or to obtain a printed copy of the training brochure, call 594-DCRT (594-3278).

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