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New Web Site on Careers
NIH'ers Make Headlines at 'LifeWorks'

By Cynthia Delgado

What do a patent lawyer, a biophysicist and a dentist have in common? Give up? They are featured NIH success stories at the Office of Science Education's new career exploration web site, LifeWorks ( With this resource, middle school and high school students, their parents and career/guidance counselors can explore more than 100 health and medical science-related careers. Considering that nearly 50 percent of the occupations projected to grow the fastest in the next 10 years are in the health and medical sciences, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LifeWorks makes a timely debut this month.

Dr. Steven Hausman
NIH professionals are highlighted on the front page of LifeWorks. Site visitors can read interviews about their careers and view photos of them on the job and at play. Career planners may be inspired by the counseling psychologist who sings jazz on the weekends, or the registered nurse who volunteered to take blood pressures at the 2003 National Black Family Reunion held on the Mall. Students can learn how NIAMS's deputy director Dr. Steven Hausman combines his science education with a knack for administration, and a passion for new technologies. Those with a penchant for all things mechanical may be especially drawn to the equipment used by an orthodontist, respiratory therapist or medical technologist. People of a more creative persuasion will enjoy reading about a science writer or the typical day of a museum curator.
CC's Keisha Potter is a registered nurse and a community volunteer.

The site's rich content is derived from the Department of Labor's (DOL) cumulative data on jobs spanning the entire country. The data includes job descriptions, salaries, job outlook and other career specifics. NIH success stories complement the DOL data, and exemplify the diverse career options in the sciences, and the unique pathways leading to success.

Craig Kalman is a certified employee assistance consultant and the "Moose" in "Three Down & the Moose," a group that performs in local clubs.

LifeWorks promotion is scheduled to correspond with ESTME (Excellence in Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education) Week (, Mar. 15-19. Coordinated by the Department of Education, ESTME Week is a national celebration intended to increase public awareness of federal science and math education programs and opportunities. During the week, more than 20 participating federal agencies hold events to excite K-12 students about learning science and math. OSE plans to send colorful LifeWorks posters and related materials to more than 60,000 middle school and high school counselors across the country.

NIDCR's Dr. Sunil Wadhwa is an orthodontist who doesn't like "putting people in pain."

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