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Omi To Lecture in NCI Disparity Series

A lecture titled, "Counting in the Dark: Racial Classification, the Census, and the Concept of Race," will be held Thursday, Mar. 27 at 2 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10. The speaker is Dr. Michael Omi, associate professor of ethnic studies and acting director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of California, Berkeley. The lecture is the third in a series, sponsored by the NCI Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, exploring issues that relate to health disparities and the unequal burden of disease in American society.

Omi's talk will address the following issue: While "scientific" concepts of race have been generally abandoned, social concepts of race continue to be defined and utilized in research and policy settings. How do we understand the necessity for racial classification, and what meaning does it have for group claims for recognition, the formation of multiracial identities, and social issues such as racial profiling?

The event is free but attendees are asked to register no later than Mar. 20. Sign language interpreters will be provided. For reasonable accommodation or to register contact Tara Grove, (301) 986-1891, ext. 129 or email

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