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Anderson Joins NIGMS

Dr. Richard A. Anderson recently joined the National Institute of General Medical Sciences as a program director in the Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology, where he will manage research grants in the areas of DNA recombination and cell growth and differentiation. He will also serve as alternate project officer for the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository. He comes to NIGMS from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, where he worked as an associate professor in the departments of internal medicine and pathology with research affiliations in the departments of biochemistry and surgical sciences. Before joining Wake Forest, he worked at the University of Iowa College of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University. Anderson also was a clinical associate at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Barnas Is SRA at CSR

Dr. George Barnas recently joined the Center for Scientific Review as scientific review administrator of the lung biology and pathology study section in the pathophysiological sciences integrated review group. Previously, he was an SRA in the Division of Extramural Activities, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Before coming to NIH in 1997, he was an associate professor at the University of Maryland. Barnas has received considerable fellowship and grants support, including grant support from NHLBI and the American Lung Association. He has been a reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals, and has published widely.

Hollingsworth Named Director of NCRR Office

Dr. Charles G. Hollingsworth has been selected as director of the Office of Review at the National Center for Research Resources. He will oversee NCRR grant review activities, which focus on the support and development of resources for biomedical technology, clinical research, comparative medicine and research infrastructure. He began his federal career with NIH in 1979 at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute as both a review and program officer. In 1995, he came to NCRR as a review officer, and in the following year he was promoted to deputy director for review. Aside from his federal work experience, Hollingsworth's career has included research and teaching in both private industry and academia.

Seachrist Joins NCRR

John Seachrist has been selected as director of the Office of Grants Management at the National Center for Research Resources. He will oversee a broad spectrum of grants management activities concentrated in four areas: biomedical technology, clinical research, comparative medicine and research infrastructure. Seachrist started his federal career in 1967 in New Jersey with the Department of the Army. One year later, he relocated to Maryland to work for NIH in the grants office of NINDS, where he remained for 29 years. In 1981, he was promoted to supervisory grants management specialist. He also served on the NINDS EEO committee and the personnel advisory committee. In 1997, he accepted the position of grants management officer at the National Library of Medicine and also served on the NLM diversity council. Since 1992, he has served as an EEO counselor.

Five Join NIAID Advisory Council

Five new members have been appointed to the National Advisory Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council. They are: Dr. William R. Jacobs, Jr., an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Dr. Richard A. Koup, a professor in the department of internal medicine at the University of Texas in Dallas; Dr. John C. Martin, president and chief executive officer at Gilead Sciences, Inc., in Foster City, Calif.; Dr. Magdalene Y. H. So, professor and chair of the department of molecular microbiology and immunology at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland; and Thelma K. Thiel, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Hepatitis Foundation International in Cedar Grove, N.J.

NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci (r) welcomes new advisory council members (from l) Dr. John C. Martin, Dr. Magdalene Y.H. So, Dr. William R. Jacobs, Jr., Thelma K. Thiel and Dr. Richard A. Koup.

Jacobs is a professor in the departments of microbiology and immunology and molecular genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he has made significant contributions by identifying the mechanisms of action of the anti-mycobacterial drugs isoniazid and ethionamide, as well as novel factors of M. tuberculosis required for growth and persistence in vivo.

Koup is the Jay P. Sanford professor of infectious diseases and chief, division of infectious diseases at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Martin was previously employed at Bristol-Myers Squibb and at Syntex Corp., where he was the co-inventor of the antiviral drug ganciclovir.

So has served on the NIH bacteriology and mycology 1 study section and a number of other panels. She is presently serving on the editorial boards of several scientific journals and as vice chair of the committee on conferences of the American Society for Microbiology.

Theil has served on the National Commission on Digestive Diseases, the National Digestive Diseases Advisory Board, as president and chief operating officer of the American Liver Foundation, and as chair of the Digestive Diseases National Coalition.

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