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NIH Record To Establish Advisory Group

Would you like to play a role in determining what stories get published in this newsletter? The NIH Record invites any interested employee to consider volunteering for an editorial advisory group that would suggest story ideas to the editors, so that the publication could be more broadly useful to all readers.

We are looking for a cadre of NIH'ers — particularly some folks who have been around awhile and read the newsletter regularly — who can point us in the direction of good story leads. While not every suggestion might result in a story, the number of new ideas generated should make the effort worthwhile.

Stories must somehow relate to NIH and its mission, but can involve extracurricular pursuits as well as job-related ones. The main criteria for making a suggestion should be, "Would this story be interesting to a wide variety of my fellow NIH'ers?"

The advisors wouldn't meet formally in person; most business would be conducted by email and phone. We hope to recruit people from a wide variety of jobs including administrative officers, budget folks, extramural programs, the trades, off-campus populations and intramural science.

If you would like to suggest good Record stories occasionally, or know someone who would, contact either Editor Rich McManus ( or Assistant Editor Carla Garnett ( or call the Record office at 496-2125.

Also, all employees should feel free to contact the Record with an idea or comment; we are not limiting ourselves only to the advice of a special group. The Record also has a Letters to the Editor column, which welcomes input from NIH'ers. Let us know how we can make the newsletter more enjoyable and useful to you.

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