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April 2, 2002
Vol. LIV, No. 7

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NIH Addresses Science Education 'Paradox'

'Team NIH' Enters
Race for Cure

Interns Get
AIDS History Update

OD Exercise
Campaign Catches On

NLM Internship Program for Tribal Members

NIEHS Publishes
Kids' Book

Kalant To Give
Keller Lecture, Apr. 11

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New Facilities To Bolster Anti-Bioterror Effort

By Rich McManus

In order to address the threat posed by biological agents used as a means to spread terror, NIH is building several new research facilities to conduct studies on such pathogens, including a major new structure — Bldg. B — to be completed by 2005 on land that is now a carpool parking lot just east of Bldg. 31's C wing.
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NIGMS Director Cassman To Leave for California

By Alisa Zapp Machalek

Dr. Marvin Cassman

After 27 years at NIGMS — the last 5 as its director — Dr. Marvin Cassman will leave in early May to become the first director of "QB3," the California-based Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research.

"This is an exciting opportunity that's one of my major interests — developing connections between the physical sciences and biology," says Cassman.
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