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NIEHS Journal Set for Publication in Chinese

By Colleen Chandler

Photo by Arnold Greenwell

It's a new chapter — so to speak — for Environmental Health Perspectives.

For the first time ever, material from the NIEHS journal will be translated into a foreign language. EHP itself is already distributed worldwide, but only in English. In April, a Chinese-language supplement will be published for distribution in the People's Republic of China.

Editor-in-Chief Gary Hook said the supplement will be published three or four times a year. The content will focus on articles of general interest to environmental scientists, legislators, students, public health workers and regulators.

A contractor is working to obtain advertising support, and Hook said the publication could eventually become self-sustaining.

Environmental Health Perspectives Editor-in-Chief Gary Hook holds the cover for the Chinese-language version of EHP, which will be published and distributed in the People's Republic of China in April.

NIEHS director Dr. Kenneth Olden said it is important to disseminate scientific information to as many individuals in the world as possible.

"I'm extremely pleased that we will now be publishing a version of EHP in China. Potentially, millions of people will benefit from the important science published in the institute's journal," he said.

Hook said he was approached about a year and a half ago by members of the Sun Day Center for Chinese Environmental Health, an organization of university scholars based in Nanjing. That center is handling the translations, printing and distribution. Hook said the audience in PRC is potentially enormous with an initial print run of 20,000; however, as word has spread concerning this environmental health publication a request has already been made to increase the distribution to 30,000.

"I'm proud to be part of it, and I'm proud our institute is there to do it," he said.

So what's next? Perhaps a Spanish version, Hook said.

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