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NIH Record Construction Spurs Road Changes Near Bldg. 10

The area along Convent Drive, past Bldg. 10 and South Drive and extending almost to Lincoln Drive, continues to see much construction activity. Bldg. 10 will expand with the addition of the Clinical Research Center. Increased utility demands for this project are being addressed by the west utility tunnel and satellite switching station (an electrical substation, not anything to do with outer space) to the west of Bldg. 10. The Vaccine Research Center, Bldg. 40, rises adjacent to Bldg. 37. Finally, Bldg. 37 is expanding as part of its modernization project. As a result, two traffic changes will occur to this busy area in the weeks ahead.

The section of South Drive between Old Georgetown Rd. and Convent Drive has been closed for the past several months with access restricted to emergency and construction vehicles only. This will change on Apr. 26, when South Drive reopens to all vehicles. Construction vehicles that currently stage on or near South Drive will now wait north of the roadway on a new dedicated construction lane. A site logistical coordinator will assist in strategic planning at the construction sites and will coordinate traffic on the newly reopened section of South Drive.

Just after South Drive reopens, Convent Drive will close between Center and South Drives. Beginning around May 1, this section of Convent Drive will close for approximately 3 months for installation of a utility tunnel and electrical ductbanks associated with the CRC. During this time, the ACRF garage will remain open and accessible from the B1 ramp on Convent Drive. Parking lot 10D and the Blood Bank parking lot will also remain open and will be accessible from the entrance adjacent to South Drive. In addition, a part of the lots currently closed along Convent Drive will reopen for employee parking. Finally, the campus shuttle will be rerouted for that portion of its loop out Center Drive to Old Georgetown Rd. and back into the reopened South Drive. Traffic control personnel will be on location to give shuttle buses priority over construction and other vehicles.

The Office of Research Services appreciates the continued patience from the NIH pedestrian and motorist community during this time of upheaval. The closure of Convent Drive should be the last major road closure associated with these three projects in the northwest quadrant of campus. Pedestrians and drivers are encouraged to watch for signs and traffic personnel for assistance and to exercise caution near the construction areas. A map of the area and other construction information is available on the Web at under the Division of Engineering Services construction advisories.

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