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Diversity Council Sets Goals for 1998

The Diversity Council was officially convened in January 1997 to provide advice and guidance to the director and staff of the Office of Equal Opportunity on policies and programs regarding managing diversity, affirmative action, complaints processing and other issues within the scope of OEO. The council's 18 members reflect the broad diversity of the NIH work force.

Last year, the council appointed task forces to examine four diversity/EEO issues: the task force on the incorporation of diversity into ICD orientation programs completed its work and has been dissolved; the task force on criteria for special emphasis programs/observances also has essentially completed its deliberations and now will work with OEO to prepare new guidelines; work on two other issues, disability awareness/reasonable accommodation, and development of trans-NIH outreach/recruitment for improving diversity at senior levels of NIH, will continue this year.

The council also appointed an ad hoc task force to recommend improvements in provision of interpreting services across NIH. These recommendations were forwarded to the OEO director, who has engaged senior NIH officials in implementing them.

In 1998, the major task of the council will be a comprehensive examination of recruitment for positions at all levels and occupations at NIH. The council will also examine ways to publicize and promote diversity activities and accomplishments more effectively.

The council meets monthly on the third Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 p.m.; meetings are open to all NIH personnel. Input from other segments of NIH is crucial to the council's success. Questions or comments should be directed to council chair Dr. George Counts of NIAID, 496-1884, or vice-chair Don Poppke of NLM, 496-6491,

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