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Dr. Stephen I. Katz

The Society of Investigative Dermatology (SID) is presenting NIAMS director Dr. Stephen I. Katz its highest honor -- the Stephen Rothman Memorial Award, given annually for "distinguished service to investigative cutaneous medicine." It recognizes Katz for "exceptional achievements in the form of major scientific publications, outstanding performance as a teacher, and attraction of young, promising investigators with a medical or basic science background into dermatologic research." SID president Dr. John J. Voorhees will present the award in a ceremony on Apr. 24 at the Sheraton Washington Hotel.

Dr. Marjam Behar

The Division of Research Grants recently gave the EEO Special Achievement Award to Dr. Marjam Behar, a scientific review administrator in the biochemical sciences initial review group, for her work on Project SEED (Summer Educational Experience for the Economically Disadvantaged), an ongoing program developed by the American Chemical Society nearly 30 years ago. The program each year supports hundreds of disadvantaged high school students with promising scientific abilities, offering mentorships and hands-on summer research experience. Behar has been active in the program for a number of years.

NIH Merit Awards for Seven NIDDK Employees

Seven NIDDK employees recently won NIH Merit Awards for outstanding performance and commitment to the mission of NIDDK. Standing (from l) are Sharon Bourque, who was cited for outstanding performance in the Digestive Diseases Core Centers and the Obesity/Nutrition Research Centers; Dr. Robert Coonley, who was noted for contributions in contract administration for the extramural program and the Office of the Director; Katrina Gross, recognized for contract administration for the intramural research program and the Office of the Director; Jim Krebs-Smith, honored for upgrading computer programming for the Human Nutrition Research and Information Management System; and Dr. Lakshmanan Sankaran, who was cited for his contributions to scientific peer review activities. Seated are Gayla Elder-Leak, who was recognized for her leadership of support staff, accomplishments in research administration and commitment to the mission of NIDDK; and NIDDK director Dr. Phillip Gorden, who congratulated all winners. Not shown is Amy H. Darwin, who was noted for excellent secretarial skills and an unfailingly positive attitude.

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