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April 16, 2002
Vol. LIV, No. 8

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Women's Contributions Noted, Lauded
Heroic Women Recall Sept. 11,
Usher in Season of Promise

By Carla Garnett

Dr. Arlyn Garcia-Perez offers inspirational words during NIH's recent observance of Women's History Month.
NIH's annual salute to women's history reflected sadness as well as hope as the aftermath of Sept. 11 was once again viewed, this time through the eyes of five women directly involved in the emergency responses. Held on Mar. 20, the first day of spring, the program also reflected a spirit of renewal that seems to be occurring not only in the nation and community, but also in women as a group and as individuals.
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New Treatments for Alcoholism on Horizon

By Rich McManus

Though there is still much to be done in matching dose and medication to the person suffering the brain disease, alcoholism is the subject of new medical breakthroughs, according to a trio of speakers at Clinical Center Grand Rounds on Mar. 27. As an example, in one instance described during an hour-long session devoted to "Alcoholism: New Potions and Remedies," a hardened alcoholic of many years standing, who used to drink a case of beer every other day, was transformed within 3 weeks into a teetotaler.
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