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April 18, 2000
Vol. LII, No. 8

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NCI, Japan Society Present
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Liu Gives NCI
'Partners in Research' Lecture

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Campus' Major Unseen Construction Project — 'NIH Business System'

By Rich McManus

NIA Executive Officer Colleen Barros has held down her regular job while juggling leadership of the new NIH Business System for the past 8 months.

There is a large construction project on campus that began last September and will likely last for the next 5 years, consuming the attention of hundreds of workers, costing an estimated $50 million over 5 years, and affecting the daily activities of at least 5,000 NIH'ers. Unlike the turned earth, diverted traffic and unsettled parking prompted by construction of the new Clinical Research Center and laboratory Bldgs. 50 and 40, this project — the NIH Business System (NBS) — is going up without the usual signs visible to the average employee. And unlike the new buildings, the new system will eventually affect everyone who works at NIH.
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Oxygen Atom Makes Difference
Sugar Chemistry, At Least, Separates Man from Primate Ancestors

By Rich McManus

There is a ubiquitous sugar molecule on the cells of humans that differs only by the lack of a single oxygen atom from a cousin sugar commonly found on cell surfaces of our nearest genomic ancestors, the great apes. Thus far, it is the sole genetic difference — species-wide — distinguishing man from chimp, orangutan, gorilla and bonobo. And from all other mammals studied so far.
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