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Save Steps, Time
Medical Arts & Photography Branch
To Centralize Reception, Pick-up Areas

If you have ever had a poster designed, ordered copies of a slide or picked up a videotape, you have probably used the services offered at the campus's Medical Arts & Photography Branch (MAPB). If you have ever needed to do any combination of those things at the same time, you know the challenges of navigating the B2L area of Bldg. 10, where the different sections of MAPB reside. In the example above, you once would have had to visit three different offices. But no more. Since reorganizing with the Office of Research Services, MAPB has been brainstorming ways to serve its clients better. One result is to offer "one-stop shopping," beginning May 1. Reception and pick-up for all MAPB services will be operated from one convenient, time-saving location.

MAPB will centralize its reception and pick-up areas on Friday, May 1.

"With improvements in technology," notes Ken Ryland, MAPB video section chief, "our sections are not as clean-cut as they once were. Centralizing the reception services makes sense for us and for our customers. MAPB anticipates this consolidation will make things a lot more convenient for our customers."

As Lew Bass, photography section chief, points out: "This has already worked well for two of our sections (photography and visual arts)."

What will change:

  • Routine jobs -- photo or slide reproduction, poster titles, videotape copies -- will be received and coordinated by a centralized professional staff member.
  • Before leaving the reception area clients will receive a copy of their request.
  • All finished jobs will now be stored conveniently in one location, awaiting pick-up by the client.
  • Central reception will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; completed jobs will be available for pick-up until 5:15 p.m.

What will remain unchanged:

  • MAPB staff will continue to schedule appointments.
  • If a quick call got the job done before, a quick call will still
    handle it after May 1.
  • Phone numbers for all the sections will not change.
  • Jobs transmitted via the Internet will continue.
  • The drop-off box located in 31/3B23 will continue.

If you have questions about the new centralized reception and pick-up areas, or any general queries about MAPB, call 496-3221.

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