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Lu Wins Solowey Award, To Lecture May 8

Neurotrophin research is important for understanding basic biology of neural development and plasticity and also for discovering potential therapies for central nervous system disease and injury. Dr. Bai Lu is an internationally recognized leader in the field, and on Thursday, May 8, the scientific community will honor his work by inviting the NICHD scientist to deliver the 30th Mathilde Solowey Award Lecture at 2 p.m. in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10. His talk is titled, "Neurotrophins: A New Class of Neuromodulators for Synaptic Plasticity and Learning and Memory."

Dr. Bai Lu
The Solowey Lecture Award, established in 1973 by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, annually honors a scientist for his or her outstanding research in neurobiology or diseases of the central nervous system. The award is made possible through the generosity of Dr. Mathilde Solowey.

The work from Lu's laboratory, along with that of others, has led to a new field of research showing that neurotrophic factors regulate synapse development and plasticity. Lu discovered that brain-derived neurotrophic factor facilitates hippocampal long-term potentiation, a cellular model for learning and memory. His group is currently investigating the mechanisms underlying neurotrophic regulation of synapses and their functional significance.

Lu received his Ph.D. from Cornell University Medical College, where he studied regulation of neurotrophin gene expression in the brain with Ira Black. He did his postdoctoral work at Rockefeller University with Paul Greengard and Mu-ming Poo on molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and development. In 1993, he became an assistant professor at Roche Institute of Molecular Biology. He joined NICHD in 1996, and is currently chief of the section on neural development and plasticity.

For more information contact FAES at 496-7975 or Dr. Miles Herkenham at 496-8287.

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