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Energy Awards Ceremony Honors ORS

NIH employees took home two of the six awards granted at the Department of Health and Human Services' annual Energy and Water Management Awards ceremony held recently. Awards were given in several categories including the "You Have the Power" Campaign.

Greg Leifer, energy engineer with the Division of Engineering Services, received an Individual Energy and Water Conservation Award for initiation and implementation of an alternative financing contract with Pepco to install variable frequency drives on motors that provide mechanical power to fans and pumps, energy efficient lighting fixtures, water saving plumbing fixtures, and individual meters on chilled water, steam, electricity and domestic water supplies. Through his effort, it is estimated that NIH will save $125,000 in annual energy and water costs. Leifer was featured on the April Earth Day poster for his accomplishments.

Greg Leifer of DES was honored on an Earth Day poster.

The ORS team that worked on the Louis Stokes Laboratories (Bldg. 50) was also recognized. Wilson Franklin, Frank Kutlak, Kristy Long, Barbara Taylor, John Vilgos, Dan Walther and Rand Mortimer, who assisted in the design, construction and acquisition of the new 294,000-gross-square-foot facility, received the "You Have the Power" Campaign Energy Award for their involvement and inclusion of economically feasible and practical high-performance energy-saving features into the state-of-the-art research facility. Energy conservation measures include the use of desiccant energy recovery wheels, variable air volume systems, variable frequency drive motors, programmable high efficiency lighting systems, occupancy sensors and efficient water fixtures. With these energy-efficient devices, the building will use less than half the energy of a comparably complex conventional laboratory building.

NIH'ers were reminded that they have a key and pivotal role in helping HHS meet the energy conservation goals established by the President. Ways you can be active range from the procurement of Energy Star equipment such as computers, copiers, printers, and other office machinery, to simply turning off your personal computer and lights at day's end.

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