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May 1, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 9

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Zewail Explores Ultrafast World of Femtochemistry

Wilson To Give NIH Director's Lecture,
May 16 in Masur

Makgoba To Give Hill Lecture, May 15

NIDDK Extramural
Chief Wants to
'Respond to Science'

Nurses Week Celebrates Research, Practice

NIAMS Travels to
Capitol Hill, Meets
Children with Arthritis

STEP Program
Examines Clinical Trials

7 Good Reasons to
Visit the Personnel Office

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Tradition Exported to Stokes Labs
Era of Scientific Distinction
Ends for Bldg. 3

By Rich McManus

A rear view of Bldg. 3 in December 1938

Though it never enjoyed as lofty a designation as, say, Bldg. 1 or Bldg. 2, Bldg. 3 — now being evacuated, or rather, "decommissioned" as its resident scientists prepare to decamp for the new Louis Stokes Laboratories (Bldg. 50) — never took a back seat to any building on campus when it came to scientific distinction. Among some 19 scientists working there circa 1950-1951, 15 went on to become members of the National Academy of Sciences, and three of those subsequently became Nobel laureates, according to longtime laboratory chief Dr. Earl Stadtman, who is one of the NAS members.
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Moving Beyond Buzzwords
NIH Marks 'Diversity in the New Millennium'

By Carla Garnett

Stop thinking about managing diversity as an altruistic albatross or a legal requirement. Instead, start making it a way of doing business and a way of life. Shifts in the nation's population will soon make it too expensive to do otherwise and the benefit of managing diversity will be reflected in your organization's true bottom line — workforce success. That was the message delivered by speakers at NIH's Apr. 4 Managing Diversity Forum.
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