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Calling Computer Users in Offices

Individuals working full time and using a computer keyboard a minimum of 3-4 hours a day are needed for a research study on the role of workstyle in occupational health. Volunteers with and without upper extremity symptoms (fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders and neck) are needed to participate in 2-hour focus group interviews. Focus groups are being conducted by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center. Compensation will be provided and groups will be scheduled at convenient times and locations. For more information, call Stacy Chambers at (202) 687-2392.

High Cholesterol Study Recruits

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting patients with high cholesterol levels (250 mg or higher) who have no other medical problems to be included in a 3-day outpatient study. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

Female Volunteers Needed

The Behavioral Endocrinology Branch, NIMH, seeks female volunteers ages 18-55 to participate in a 6-month study investigating the effects of aging and reproductive hormones on measures of cerebral activity, blood flow, and stress hormone production. Volunteers must have regular menstrual cycles with no changes in mood in relationship to menses, be free of medical illnesses, and not taking any hormones or medication on a regular basis. Payment will be in accordance with the duration of each visit and the type of protocol. For more information, call Linda Simpson-St. Clair, 496-9576.

Hypertension Study Needs Vols

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, is recruiting patients with high blood pressure for a 3-day outpatient study. Volunteers should not have any other medical problems and should not have a cholesterol higher than 200 mg/dL. Participants will be paid. Call 496-8739.

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