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Mickey Mouse Pays Call at Clinical Center, Inn

Photos: Bill Branson

Mickey Mouse was in town Mar. 25 for a visit to pediatric units in the Clinical Center and the Children's Inn. Flying up from DisneyWorld in Orlando, Mickey's visit was sponsored by the Disney Channel and Cable TV Montgomery, and coordinated by NIH's Recreation and Welfare Association.

According to R&W President Randy Schools, Mickey stayed for about an hour, then got hot inside his uniform and left for cooler climes. One of Mickey's accomplices took Polaroid snapshots of each kid visiting with Mickey and gave them to the children as a memento.

Above, Mickey meets with Alison Thiel at the 11th floor outpatient clinic. Below, left, Nora Leitner of 9 West rubs noses with the friendly mouse. Below, right, Kelly Meiser (r), 18, at NCI's Pediatric Oncology Branch, flanks Mickey with a visitor to the unit.

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