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Rabson Room Dedicated in Bldg. 10

Dr. Alfred Singer (l), chief of NCI's Experimental Immunology Branch, presents a plaque to NCI deputy director Dr. Alan Rabson, for whom a new conference room in the Clinical Center was formally named on Apr. 8. Located in Rm. 4B51 of Bldg. 10, the Alan S. Rabson Conference Room will be used primarily by NCI's Metabolism Branch and the EIB, which was formed 10 years ago with Rabson's encouragement and support. "It's entirely appropriate that this seminar room -- where science will be discussed and hard questions will be asked -- be dedicated to Alan Rabson," noted NCI director Dr. Richard Klausner, one of several colleagues who gave brief tributes to Rabson during the ceremony. "Alan Rabson has always been a genuine friend and dedicated supporter of the EIB," added Singer, who also serves as one of EIB's principal investigators. Prepared that day for the room's grand opening, but completely surprised that it will share his name, Rabson said, "This is absolutely overwhelming." Joking that the words of praise and admiration -- delivered by everyone from NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus to former and current protégés -- were usually reserved for deaths or retirements, Rabson quipped, "I really have no intention of dying and I want to assure you all that it's not my intention to ever retire either."

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