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Study Subjects Sought

Volunteers Needed for Day Care Board

The NIH day care oversight board needs volunteers to serve on two subcommittees: The policy subcommittee, which will develop bylaws for the board and a report on the status of day care at NIH; and the information resources subcommittee, which will help develop the NIH Day Care Fair, revise the NIH day care brochure, and plan seminars on family health issues.

If interested, contact Chris Steyer, 6-6334.

Hormone Study Needs Women

The Behavioral Endocrinology Branch, NIMH, is seeking women who are postmenopausal (no menstrual period for at least 1 year) and medication free to participate in a study investigating the effects of hormones on behavior. Hormonal evaulation will be performed and payment is provided. For information, call Linda Simpson-St. Clair. 6-9576.

Treatment for Panic Attacks

People currently experiencing spontaneous panic attacks and/or significant social anxiety may be eligible for a collaborative NIMH/USUHS treatment outcome study evaluating nondrug treatments for panic and anxiety. For more information call Matt Wineman at USUHS, (301) 295-3651.

Volunteers Needed

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, needs postmenopausal volunteers for a study comparing estrogen and lipid-lowering therapies and vitamin E. Participants must not be taking any medications, hormone replacements or vitamins or be willing to stop medications for 2 months. Volunteers will be paid. Call 5-4038.

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