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Tessier-Lavigne Inaugurates CSR Director's Seminar

All are invited to attend the first annual CSR Director's Seminar, which will feature a lecture by Dr. Marc Tessier-Lavigne on the formation of nerve connections in the brain and spinal cord: "The Logic and Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Guidance, Branching and Regeneration." It will be held on Wednesday, May 22, from 1 to 2 p.m. in Conf. Rm. 3087 in the Rockledge 2 Bldg.

Dr. Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Tessier-Lavigne will discuss the different mechanisms that control the growth of neural connections, highlight his recent studies in this area, and discuss the possibility of regenerating these connections following paralyzing injury. Like future CSR Director's Seminars, this one will provide NIH and CSR staff an opportunity to learn about and discuss an emerging area of science.

With his colleagues, Tessier-Lavigne has identified the first known chemoattractants and the first known branching factors for developing nerve cells in vertebrates. He has also been at the forefront of discoveries of other brain wiring proteins and receptor mechanisms.

Neural connections will be the focus of the first CSR lecture.

Tessier-Lavigne is the Susan B. Ford professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and professor of biological sciences at Stanford University. He is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. He was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University before earning his Ph.D. in physiology from University College London. He has received grants from NIDCR and NIMH.

For information and reasonable accommodation, call Dr. Marcia Steinberg at 435-1023.

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