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Calling Computer Users in Offices

Individuals working full time and using a computer keyboard a minimum of 3-4 hours a day are needed for a research study on the role of workstyle in occupational health. Volunteers with and without upper extremity symptoms (fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders and neck) are needed to participate in 2-hour focus group interviews. Focus groups are being conducted by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center. Compensation will be provided and groups will be scheduled at convenient times and locations. For more information, call Stacy Chambers at (202) 687-2392.

Diabetic Volunteers Needed

Seeking diabetic volunteers ages 18-65 on oral diabetic medications or diet controlled, for screening of vitamin C blood level. Must be off vitamin C supplements at least 1 month prior to screening blood level. Payment of $25 for blood level determination. Possible eligibility for further studies dependent on vitamin C level. Contact Gail Sullivan at 496-3244.

Attention Women Who Use Computers

Do you experience work-related pain, numbness, or tingling in your fingers, hands or wrists? Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you a female between the ages of 21 and 50 who is currently working full time? If so, you are invited to participate in a research study of job stress and carpal tunnel syndrome that can help you learn more about your problem. This study includes a $100 payment and receipt of ergonomic and job stress self-help workbooks. For more information call (301) 295-9660.

Female Paid Volunteers Needed

Are you female, 18 to 35 years old? In good health? You may qualify to participate in a study of commonly prescribed medications. The study involves multiple visits over a 3-month period. Earn up to $880 and get free medical tests. Call the Uniformed Services University at (301) 319-8204.

Healthy Married Men, Women Needed

The Pediatrics and Developmental Neuropsychiatry Branch, NIMH, seeks men ages 56-73 and women ages 51-59, to participate in an fMRI study on the visual processing of faces. Participants must be right-handed and currently married. Volunteers should have no history of psychiatric disorders, and should not be taking prescription medications, with the exception of hormone replacement therapy (estrogen and/or progesterone), thyroid medication, and/or medications for high blood pressure (diuretics or ACE inhibitors). Volunteers must have normal vision or wear contacts. Participation requires a 2-hour screening interview, a followup visit, and a 3-hour visit for fMRI scan. Participants will be paid. For more information, call Lisa Kalik or Neil Santiago at 496-8381.

Long, Short Sleepers Needed

To complete a sleep study, NIMH is looking for male and female volunteers ages 20-35 who routinely sleep 9 hours or more nightly, or who sleep 6 or fewer hours nightly. Volunteers must have no sleep disturbances or insomnia, plus no history of mental illness. Volunteers must be in good general health and not taking any medications or birth control pills. The study requires living on the research unit for 4 consecutive days. Compensation is available. NIMH employees are not eligible. For more information call 496-5831.

Hypertensives Needed for Study

Seeking hypertension volunteers ages 18-55 to participate in insulin studies. Must be able to be off blood pressure medication for a 2-week period. Payment of $300 with completion of 2 separate outpatient study days. Contact Gail Sullivan at 496-3244.

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