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NIDDK Sponsors Annual Hepatitis C Meeting

The 6th annual International Symposium on Hepatitis C and Related Viruses will be held June 6-9 at the Natcher Conference Center. The meeting is being organized by NIDDK with sponsorship from NCI, NIAID, NIDA, NICHD and the Clinical Center as well as the Department of Defense, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Participants will discuss recent research results on hepatitis C, new information on structural and nonstructural proteins, virus-cell interactions, viral receptors, replication, and the basis of cell injury, carcinogenesis and immune responses in hepatitis C. The molecular virology of related viruses will also be discussed. Flaviviruses and pestiviruses will be addressed because they are important surrogate models, particularly since there are no simple cell cultures or small animal models for hepatitis C. On the final day, new information on transmission, vaccines and therapy will be presented. An update on clinical issues in hepatitis C will be given in an evening symposium on June 8. Topics for the update will include hepatitis C epidemiology, natural history, viral kinetics, combination therapy and new formulations of interferon.

For more information, contact Fred Hill, (301) 493-9674, or email

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