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Gustafsson Gives WALS Talk, May 19

Dr. Jan-Åke Gustafsson will speak at the NIH Director's Wednesday afternoon Lecture Series on the subject "New Dimensions in Nuclear Receptor Signaling" on May 19.

He is professor and chairman of the department of medical nutrition, and director of the Center for Biotechnology at the Karolinska Institute (Novum), has made major contributions to biomedical science and is a world leader in molecular endocrinology, in the area of the superfamily of nuclear hormone receptors. He has made groundbreaking advances in identification of structure, sequence, and mechanisms of action of the glucocorticoid receptor and other members of this steroid receptor superfamily.

His most recent work focuses on fundamental molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor structure and function. He has cloned the gene for and identified the 3-dimensional structure of a second form of the estrogen receptor, the estrogen receptor beta. This line of investigation has already had a major impact in medicine because it rigorously examines fundamental molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor action. It has opened up new avenues for designer estrogen drug development to target specific tissue effects of different estrogen analogs. The work is of great relevance to women's health.

His work has resulted in more than 900 publications. Gustafsson has received major national and international awards, is a member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, and is a member of the Nobel Awards Assembly. He is an eloquent speaker and teacher and has been a mentor of many leaders in the biomedical sciences.

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