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Study Subjects Sought

Do You Sleep A Lot?

Do you almost always sleep 9 or more hours a night? Are you between ages 20 and 30? Do you sleep soundly, with no sleep disturbances or insomnia? If this sounds like you, you may be eligible to participate in a sleep study conducted by NIMH's Clinical Psychobiology Branch. You must not take any types of medication or birth control pills, must have no history of mental illness and must be in good health. You must also be willing to live 4 consecutive days at the research unit. Compensation is available. Call for more details, 496-6981.

Communication Study Needs Smokers

The USUHS department of medical and clinical psychology needs healthy male smokers, ages 18-45, to participate in a 3-hour study on men's communication processes. Volunteers will be paid $30. Call (301) 295-9672.

Postmenopausal Vols Needed

The Cardiology Branch, NHLBI, needs postmenopausal volunteers for a study comparing different forms of estrogen therapies. Participants must be in good general health and not be taking any medications, hormone replacements or vitamins for 2 months prior to study. Volunteers will be paid. Call 435-4038.

Healthy Male Volunteers Needed

The cognitive neuroscience section, NINDS, seeks healthy men age 45 and older with less than a bachelor's degree to participate in a study on how memory changes across the lifespan. Participation requires 3-4 hours and participants will be paid $40 to $50, depending on time involved. For more information call 402-0060 and ask for the lifespan study.

Injured on the Job?

Do you have a work-related upper extremity problem or injury, i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or repetitive strain injury of the fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulder? USUHS is conducting a study that includes a $40 payment. Volunteers must be ages 20-60, seen by a physician within the past month and currently working. Call (301) 295-9659.

Stress Study Needs Vols

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences is recruiting volunteers for a brief research study investigating the value of educational components relating to stress. This study takes approximately 2 hours over two visits to the lab. Also, you will complete some simple "homework" assignments and several questionnaires. Volunteers should have no current or past psychological diagnosis or treatment history. Participants will be paid $50 upon completion of the study. For more information visit or call Darin Lerew at (301) 295-9665.

Volunteers Needed for Medications Study

Healthy volunteers ages 18-35 are needed for a USUHS study of commonly prescribed medications. The study provides free medical tests and involves multiple visits over a 3-month period. Participants will be paid. Call (301) 295-4009 or (301) 319-8204.

Study of Donors Needs Volunteers

Male volunteers over age 40 and females over 50 are needed for a study to assess the effects of donating blood on prevention of heart disease. Participants should have donated blood one or fewer times in each of the last 5 years, and given less than 15 units in their lifetime. Blood studies and a carotid ultrasound will be done. Two outpatient visits are required; pay is unavailable. For more information or to participate call Xin Fu, 402-4482.

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