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Bikers Revel in Commutes to NIH

A forecast that included possible thunderstorms and hail didn't stop 30 or so bikers from dropping by the NIH Bike to Work Day event for juice, bagels and conversation on May 2. The bad weather never materialized, leaving a great day for biking, said Carl Henn, president of the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club.

A number of bikers zipped past the bagels, arrayed on the lawn of Bldg. 1, on their way to work. Biking to work is a normal commute for more than 250 NIH employees, as found by a survey conducted by the NIH bike club last year. A number of these bike routes are described on the club's web page at

In spite of rain in the forecast, more than 30 people showed up for the NIH Bike to Work Day event on May 2. The "longest ride" winner pedaled in from Falls Church, Va.; another NIH couple occasionally bikes in from Olney, Md.

Henn said one biker who dropped by cycled in from Falls Church, Va. This cyclist avoids Beltway traffic by biking down the Custis trail and up the Capital Crescent Trail. Those who biked in were entered into a drawing for Lance Armstrong's best selling book, It's Not About the Bike. Conversation around the bagel table covered the advantages of panniers, or bike saddle bags, over backpacks (no sweaty back beneath the pack, lower center of gravity for safer biking) and whether the new bike bridges over I-495 and I-270 are open yet (yes and no).

Biking to work saves time and money by combining your commute with your exercise program, noted Henn. For tips on bicycle commuting see

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