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Hellinger Named NIAID Associate Director

Lynn C. Hellinger has been named associate director for management and operations in NIAID. Formerly she served as director of NIAID's Office of Human Resources Management. Before coming to NIAID, she was in the Clinical Center, where she was deputy director of the Office of Human Resources Management and chief of the personnel operations section. In 1983, she joined NIH as a personnel staffing specialist in the OD Staffing Management Branch of the Division of Personnel Management. Before that, Hellinger was a personnel specialist in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. She earned a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Michigan.

NCI's Bruce Named to County Commission

By Jaime Holbrook

NCI's Christina Bruce, director of the Office of Diversity and Employment Programs, was recently appointed to the Montgomery County human relations commission. The HRC is a group of 15 commissioners whose goals are to improve human relations among various groups and enforce civil rights in Montgomery County. Each commissioner is appointed by members of the HRC and serves a 3- year term. Bruce began her term in March.

The commission deals largely with discrimination cases in housing and employment. The group also does community outreach, and attempts to assess and raise cultural awareness around the county. Commissioners may work with legislative, educational or ad-hoc committees. Basically, each commissioner sets his or her own program based on the needs of the community.

Since her term began, Bruce has become involved in a project to hold town hall meetings around the county in order to discuss race/ethnic relations and perceived problems. She will also be presenting awards to outstanding high school students for their contributions to improving relations in their communities.

"I am honored to have been one of the new commissioners selected from several hundred applicants," Bruce said. "I realize the huge challenges this county faces with its increasingly diverse immigrant population, decreasing availability of affordable housing for lower-to-middle income residents, and significantly over-populated schools in some areas. These are issues that will affect quality of life in the next 20 years, depending on how we handle the problems now. I wanted to contribute in some small measure to that process."

Bruce would like to focus on informing minority communities that the HRC is available to help them deal with discrimination issues in housing, employment and the provision of public services. She is also interested in working with children from elementary age through high school to discuss discrimination issues with them and help promote sensitivity to diversity.

Bruce has been with NCI since January 1998. Her office is in charge of recruitment outreach for the institute, quality of work/life programs, the EEO program and the NCI internship programs.

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