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May 29, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 11

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Getting A Bundle
with Bonds

Law Calls for Agencies
To Ensure Equal Access

Seminar Addresses Language, Developmental Disorders in Children

Investing in the Future — Science Education Partnership Awards

Egyptian First Lady
Visits NIH

Healthy Hearing Has
New 'Websource'

Fire Department Honored for Gas Leak Role

NIMH's Wyatt Inspires Symposium, May 30

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Study Subjects Sought

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Slice of 1930s Saved
Last of 'Treetops,' Bldg. 15K Is Refurbished

By Carla Garnett

The last of "Treetops," Bldg. 15K is in the final stages of a major renovation project.

If only the walls of Bldg. 15K could talk. Then we'd know far more colorful details about the real estate on which much of NIH now sits. In its day, say some, the old homestead hosted a President, presidential hopefuls and not a few more prominent and influential guests. It was also reportedly the site of many a grand party. Sadly, not a lot of artifacts remain to tell the tales. This August, however, thanks to diligent preservation efforts arranged by the Office of Research Services, a component of the National Institute of Mental Health moves back into the newly refurbished 1930s house that offers visual flashbacks to those earlier times.
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A Genial Enthusiast of the Very Brief
Nobel Laureate Zewail Probes Atomic Life

By Rich McManus

Tininess can be taken to several powers, advancing past petite to teensiness, then teensy-weensy, and on into the realm of nano, pico and femto. No, these are not the names of undocumented Marx Brothers, but rather measures of time and space. According to Le Système International d'Unités (SI), nano (billionth) is relatively obese compared to pico (trillionth), which is a thousand times smaller, but still larger than femto, which is one millionth of a billionth, or a quadrillionth.
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