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May 30, 2000
Vol. LII, No. 11

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NIH Conquers 'Love Bug' Computer Worm

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NIGMS Launches U.S. Savings Bonds Drive

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ORMH Marks 10th Year with Conference, Tough Questions

By Carla Garnett

Dr. Otis Brawley (l), director of NCI's Office of Special Populations Research, and Dr. John Ruffin share a light moment during the ORMH anniversary conference.

Flashback to 1990. It was a busy year in medical science, and at NIH in particular. In between permanent directors that year with the threat of a federal furlough looming, NIH was stormed that spring by public demonstrations — first animal rights activists, then AIDS activists marched on campus. New therapies for stroke and spinal cord injury were announced, new approaches to treating epilepsy and colon cancer were trumpeted, and the first-ever human gene therapy trial was launched. An effort to reduce the nation's blood cholesterol levels was begun, and HIV was beginning to spread disproportionately among women and in the minority community.
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Fire Crew Rescues Woman Aboard Subway

By Rich McManus

NIH firefighters responded to a call for a "cardiac arrest — CPR in progress" during morning rush hour on Apr. 20 and were able to restore a pulse to a woman who had suffered a heart attack aboard a Metro subway car at the Medical Center Metro station.
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