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NIGMS Hosts Minority Program Directors' Meeting

The NIGMS Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) Division recently brought together directors of its research and training programs at minority institutions for a 5-day meeting. Participants were able to network, attend a variety of workshops and demonstrations, and learn about funding opportunities from NIGMS and other NIH components.

The meeting, which hosted more than 450 participants including 45 university presidents, was described by NIGMS director Dr. Marvin Cassman as an "opportunity to exchange information and address concerns and issues" in order to meet the MORE division's goal -- increasing the number of underrepresented minorities engaged in biomedical research.

University of Maryland Baltimore County president Dr. Freeman Hrabowski delivered a keynote speech, "Institutional Commitment, Leadership, and Anticipated Accomplishments," focussing on the role institutions play in the success of each student.

Meeting participants took the opportunity to share information during breaks.

Dr. Bruce Alberts, president of the National Academy of Sciences, called for an improvement in science education programs, particularly in grades kindergarten through 12.

NIGMS minority program directors Dr. Americo Rivera (l) and Dr. Ernest Márquez responded to audience questions during a panel discussion.

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