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NIH Record Awardees

Katz, La Montagne Receive Highest Civil Service Honor

Two NIH'ers recently received the 1998 Distinguished Executive Presidential Rank Award at a State Department dinner sponsored by the Senior Executive Service. NIAMS director Dr. Stephen I. Katz (l) and NIAID deputy director Dr. John R. La Montagne were presented with the highest honor for a civil servant. The award is given annually to members of the federal SES whose sustained service warrants special recognition. Katz was honored for his ongoing career achievements, including his service as NIAMS director, and concurrently chief of NCI's Dermatology Branch. He was also recognized for his research contributions, for his training many leaders in dermatology in the U.S. and abroad, and for applying his rigorous standards to dermatological research. La Montagne was cited for "outstanding scientific direction and leadership in the planning and administration of a comprehensive research program in infectious diseases and microbiology." Under La Montagne's leadership, numerous scientific initiatives have been launched to test the efficacy of vaccines, antiviral drugs and antimicrobial agents. In addition, he developed a cohesive set of managerial initiatives in the area of vaccine and immunization policy issues.

Holt Receives 'Friendship Award'

Dr. Allen Holt, (l), currently FIC program officer for East Asia and the Pacific, accepts a "Friendship Award" from Dr. Wolfram Schoett, science counselor of the Embassy of Germany, at an embassy ceremony on Apr. 23. The award, signed by Ambassador Juergen Crobog, was given in recognition of Holt's efforts to strengthen U.S.-German cooperation in the biomedical sciences during the period that he was FIC program officer for Europe.

NIH Tree Honored by Forestry Board

One of NIH's Zelkova trees was recently awarded County Champion Tree for 1999. The Montgomery County Forestry Board recognized NIH for its protection of the county's largest known Zelkova in a presentation during the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission's Arbor Day celebration on Apr. 25. Accepting the award are (from l) Edward Russell, former NIH employee and a member of the NIH Garden Club; Janyce Hedetniemi, director of NIH's Office of Community Liaison; and Lynn Mueller, chief of NIH grounds maintenance and landscaping. The winning Zelkova was planted in 1972 by then-GML Chief Thomas J. Cook, and is located off the southwest corner of Bldg. 1.

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