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NIH Hosts 27th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Program, Part 1

Photos by Ernie Branson

The NIH Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Program began celebration of its 27th anniversary on May 14 with the annual lunchtime offering of Asian food and demonstrations of Asian arts and crafts. Highlights of the event, held on the patio of Bldg. 31A, included demonstrations of bonsai, calligraphy and martial arts (Taekwondo and Aikido), and sales of Asian handicrafts. A percentage of the proceeds from food sales will be donated to the Scholarship Fund of the NIH Asian/Pacific Islander American Organization.

The program is sponsored by the NIH Asian/Pacific Islander American heritage committee, the NIH Asian/Pacific Islander American Organization, the NIHFCU and several other NIH institutes and centers. The finale, an evening program of music and dance performances was held May 28; see photo coverage in the next issue of the NIH Record.

Patrons select Thai delicacies offered by the Bangkok Garden Restaurant.

Staff from Tako Restaurant, specializing in Japanese cuisine, signal they are ready to serve.

Above, Asian heritage program coordinators (from l) Ed Sunderland of the NIH Library, Shuko Yoshikami, NIDDK; Victor Fung, NCI; Bill Bunnag, CSR; John Medina III, OEO; and Prahlad Mathur, OD, gather during the annual luncheon, which as usual drew large numbers and rave reviews. Below, a group performs Falun Dafa, Chinese exercises for both mind and body.

Cuisines from a variety of Asian nations are represented, including Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Several vendors display Asian crafts.

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