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NEI Announces New Clinical Trials Database

A new interactive, searchable clinical trials database has been added to the National Eye Institute's Web site at The database provides detailed information on ongoing and completed clinical trials supported and conducted by NEI since 1970.

Each trial description includes information on the background and purpose of the study, patient eligibility criteria, patient recruitment, current status of the study, results to date, a bibliography and implications for clinical practice. Listings are included for the study chairperson, participating clinical centers, resource centers and NEI staff representatives.

You can search for a trial by keyword, eye disease, or location. Information also is provided on how to participate in a trial as well as how to refer a patient to a trial.

"The NEI Web site is a unique source of information for all audiences," said Dr. Carl Kupfer, NEI director. "From the researcher who wants to know about current NEI intramural studies on uveitis, to the recently diagnosed patient who wants to know more about age-related macular degeneration, to the teacher who wants to educate students about vision, the NEI Web site provides access to a wide range of eye-related topics."

Some highlights of the site include: information on the grant funding process and fellowship opportunities; clinical alerts, news releases, full text of publications, and online ordering; links to NIH and other federal Web sites; information and materials from the National Eye Health Education Program.

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