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NCRR Launches Shared Resources Web Site

Before your laboratory buys any more equipment, computers, or chemicals, visit NCRR's Shared Resources Database on the Web at This new database offers intramural investigators the opportunity to exchange equipment, share resources, and cut procurement costs. Any biologicals, chemicals, plasticware, glassware, or equipment that are unused or no longer needed may be posted and made available to other laboratories at NIH. Also, lab groups seeking a particular resource can submit a request through this site to find out if another lab has what they need.

Describing this virtual one-stop shopping center, Dr. Michael Gottesman, NIH deputy director for intramural research, says, "The new Shared Resources Database will make it possible for NIH researchers to find equipment and research material already on the NIH campus. It will save time and money. I urge everyone at NIH to check this database prior to purchasing."

To post an available or desired item, simply select the appropriate path and provide information on the resource you wish to advertise or find. If you have any questions or comments, contact Mike Lenardo (fax: 2-8530, email: or Ronald Edwards (fax: 2-0006, email: NCRR developed this site in collaboration with NIAID, DCRT, and NIH Property.

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