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'QuickHire' To Debut at NIH

By Lenora Adams

E-government, e-business, e-forms and emails, — "E" combined with anything has instant recognition and association. E is changing the American lexicon.

As NIH and HHS introduce a new recruitment enterprise system, there is another E word coming into parlance — "e-hire." A new automated staffing system known as QuickHire is in the developmental stage at NIH and promises to make recruitment electronic, efficient, effective and easy.

QuickHire is the innovation of a former federal employee, Bryan Hochstein, and a former Navy officer, Don Bauer. Their vision was to automate and standardize staffing and classification. QuickHire is the resulting web-based product that uses the Internet to automate the hiring process and maximize resources.

QuickHire is the leading provider of automated staffing solutions to the federal government and currently services 40 federal agencies, state and local governments, educational institutions and corporate customers. These organizations report an improvement of 85 percent in the time-to-hire cycle. QuickHire customers hire people in days instead of the typical months associated with the complex federal employment process.

QuickHire uses job-specific questions to evaluate candidates. NIH has several task teams composed of human resources (HR) professionals and institute/center subject matter experts who are working to develop standardized questions and position descriptions that are unique to NIH. Upon implementation of QuickHire in October 2003, applicants will review NIH vacancy announcements online and answer NIH position-specific questions that are automatically rated, ranked and sorted for HR professionals and hiring officials. Using QuickHire, highly qualified candidates are ready to be hired quickly, which will be a competitive advantage for NIH. In today's environment, the best applicants for scientific, technical and professional jobs don't always wait 3-6 months for employment offers.

The implementation of QuickHire at NIH will shift the paradigm of NIH employees. Interested applicants will no longer focus on writing good KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) as is required with the current CareerHere site. With QuickHire, applicants will respond to questions that demonstrate the KSAs required to perform the job successfully. QuickHire will streamline the hiring process and build on the CareerHere database that is synonymous with NIH recruitment.

NIH's Office of Human Resources and QuickHire agree that effective recruitment is about time spent evaluating people and not paper. For more information on e-hiring, visit QuickHire at

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