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Children with ADHD Needed

The Pediatric and Developmental Neuropsychiatry Branch, NIMH, seeks boys and girls 6 to 13 years of age, diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), to participate in a movement study. Volunteers should have no history of other medical or neurological disorders (including seizures and hearing problems), and should not be taking any prescribed medications. Participation involves neurological examinations, single and paired-pulse TMS tests, and hearing tests. Participants will be compensated for their effort and time (approximately 3 hours). For more information, call Mark Choa, 496-5323.

Calcium Study Seeks Subjects

An NIH study seeks healthy overweight adult volunteers for an examination of the health effects of calcium supplementation over 2 years. Call 1-800-411-1222 (TTY: 1-866-411-1010). Compensation is provided.

Healthy Children, Teens Needed

NIMH is seeking healthy children, ages 6-17, to participate in a mood and emotion study. Children may be eligible if they do not have a history of medical or psychiatric problems or take any prescribed medications, or have first-degree relatives with psychiatric problems. Participation involves a 3-day screening and evaluation, 2-day followup evaluation, and physiological and psychological testing. Compensation is provided. Call 496-8381 or email to volunteer or request more information.

Identical Twins Needed

The HLA laboratory in the department of transfusion medicine wants to compare T cell receptor repertoires of healthy young adult identical twins (ages 20-35). Blood from healthy identical twin pairs is needed. Each twin pair must answer a questionnaire about their medical history and undergo HLA typing, complete blood counts and leukapheresis. Optimally, the subjects should be available for questioning about their previous and subsequent medical history. Study participants will be paid. Call Cynthia Matthews at 1-800-892-3276 or email

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